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Month: March 2024

Why Should We Hire you…

One of the toughest and most dreaded parts of an interview: “Why should we hire you?” Such a simple question holds such a pivotal answer to the job seekers’ search for employment. Remember, job interviews are about selling yourself and your skills to a future employer. The “dreaded question” actually opens up the opportunity to […]

Top Prospect Group’s Top 5 Hiring Tips

It seems that hiring managers everywhere find themselves in a bit of a quandary. On one hand, most claim to have personal “secrets” of how to find recruits and hire the best candidates, and on the other, many hiring managers still complain that they can’t find the right people. So which one is it? Well, […]

Top Prospect Group’s Top 3 Tips to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Isn’t it funny how sometimes when words rhyme, people find the phrase easier to remember? “Turn that frown upside down” or “Know what I mean, Jellybean” are common colloquialisms that just seem to stick. So here’s a new one for you, courtesy of Top Prospect Group … PAY ATTENTION TO RETENTION! That’s right, pay attention […]

5+ Irresistible Skills Employers Are Looking For In An IT Expert

We get it; you are impeccable at what you do. Whether you are a Network Engineer, Data Analytics, Security, or Developer, your proficient hard skillset makes you the best match for most job postings, which is actually great! Undoubtedly, every company wants to hire the best person for the job! However, other skills play a […]

Top Prospect Group, an HW Staffing Solutions Company, Expands Professional Services Division and Welcomes New Managing Director, Professional Services US | Global Operations, Stacy Savage

SOUTH EASTON, MA, March 26, 2024 — Top Prospect Group, a professional services staffing firm and an HW Staffing Solutions division, is pleased to announce that Stacy Savage has joined their team as Managing Director, Professional Services US | Global Operations, and leads their Professional Services Division. Savage brings over 20 years of Executive Recruiting […]