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IT Expertise

We specialize in sourcing and placing top-tier Information Technology talent. Our expertise spans across a wide range of roles including leadership roles, project management, business analysis, operations and support, infrastructure and engineering, cybersecurity, cloud technologies, data analytics, business intelligence, devops, application development, and quality assurance. We are committed to matching the best candidates with the right opportunities, ensuring a perfect fit for both the employer and the employee.

Our dedicated approach focuses on understanding the unique needs of each organization, enabling us to provide highly specialized and tailored staffing solutions that drive success and innovation in your IT operations.


Systems / Network
Engineering & Support

TPG focuses on sourcing, vetting, and deploying highly skilled professionals in the realms of network architecture, systems administration, and cybersecurity. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that only the most competent and innovative engineers are connected with leading companies across various industries. Top Prospect Group prides itself on its deep understanding of the technical and soft skills required in this evolving field, ensuring that our clients receive candidates who are not only technically proficient but also align with their corporate culture and values.

We understand the unique challenges and demands of IT support roles, ensuring that each candidate possesses not only technical expertise but also excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Top Prospects Group’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made its help desk support sector a go-to source for companies seeking reliable, proficient IT support staff.


Safeguarding your business is paramount for its success and growth. Recognizing this, we specialize in recruiting elite professionals who excel in fortifying your data security. Our experts are adept at pinpointing vulnerabilities, countering potential data breaches, and effectively reducing security threats. By doing so, we ensure the preservation and integrity of your organization’s confidential information, thereby fortifying the foundation of your business’s resilience and reliability.


Identify and hire top-level executives to lead your organization to success.

Data Analytics &
Business Intelligence

We have a meticulously curated database of candidates, which is constantly updated with skilled professionals excelling in the latest database technologies, cloud computing, and automation tools. This database is not just a repository of resumes; it’s a dynamic ecosystem that reflects every candidate we speak with and their evolving careers.

Our team of Data Analytics and BI professionals provide our clients the ability to both manage and utilize data to better inform their businesses and drive better decision making withing the business.

Cloud Technologies
and DevOps

With a keen focus on sourcing top-tier talent for cloud computing roles, we have established a robust reputation for connecting skilled professionals with leading companies. Our expertise extends to various cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, ensuring a broad spectrum of opportunities for both candidates and employers.

Furthermore, Top Prospects Group’s proficiency in the DevOps sector is evident through our commitment to bridging the gap between software development and operations, offering clients access to professionals who are adept in streamlining deployment, improving collaboration, and enhancing system reliability. Our holistic approach in these specialized areas demonstrates our dedication to delivering excellence and fostering long-term partnerships with both clients and candidates.


Application Development
and Quality Assurance

Our team of candidates brings a diverse array of expertise in Application Development, encompassing languages like C#, Java, and Python, as well as specialized areas such as Software Architecture. Additionally, we provide professionals skilled in Front to back-end Development, including proficiency in React and various applications such as Salesforce, SAP. For mobile app projects, our candidates are adept in both iOS and Android platforms. To ensure that your brand’s identity is effectively represented, we also offer experienced User Interface developers.

With a strong focus on product-specific knowledge, our QA Engineers are adept at tailoring test strategies to meet unique product requirements.

Project Management and
Business Analysis

Our team of skilled Project Managers and Business Analysts brings a wealth of experience in effectively orchestrating and managing diverse projects, ensuring they align perfectly with business objectives and strategies. These professionals are adept at employing proven methodologies and tools to meticulously plan, execute, and monitor projects, guaranteeing timely delivery within budget.


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Amber G
I was so impressed with the job description Top Prospect Group shared because it caught my eye immediately. The wording was clever, creative, catchy, and honest- something not often seen in descriptions from other firms. The role was right up my alley. In speaking with Stacy and the team, I felt comfortable with them and the position right away. When I went in for the interview, I felt completely prepared and I got the job immediately. They said they had never hired someone so quickly. Thank you for making the perfect match.
Edwin S.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Stacy Savage and cannot speak highly enough about the exceptional service I received. From the initial contact she demonstrated nothing but professionalism, expertise, and genuine dedication to finding the perfect fit for me
David Y.
Searching for a job in a competitive market is challenging. After working with several recruiters, the Top Prospect Group stands above the rest. Stacy’s experience and knowledge across a wide range of industries was invaluable in aligning me with companies where I could bring value. Her understanding and communication of my skills and strengths allowed me to move through the interview process with confidence. I feel like she always had my best interests in mind.
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